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Last month I attended Time Out for Women.  I've gone to this event seven years in a row - it's a tradition that John's Mom buys all the daughters/daughters-in-law tickets for Christmas.  After going so many times I thought it was pretty predictable.  But this year's program was different and it had an effect on me.

The theme this year is, "He made thee to hear His voice." - Deuteronomy 4:36

Each presenter spoke of their personal experiences of receiving personal revelation, perceiving the voice of the Holy Ghost, and feeling God's love for them.  Here are some of the beautiful things that were shared:

Leaving the event, I had a strong desire to improve my ability to hear and heed the voice of the Spirit.  I wanted to increase my personal revelation.  I reflected on myself so I would know what I needed to do to improve.  

I thought others may want to do this too, because a strong relationship with the Holy Ghost provides protection, peace, and power.  I created a Personal Revelation Assessment that anyone can complete to get a realistic picture of how close or far they are from the Spirit.  Adults and teenagers could easily complete this and have a starting point in improving their spiritual ears.

Click Here to Download a Copy of the Personal Revelation Assessment  

We each have the privilege of communing with God and receiving His guidance.  Hope you find more of that in your day to day life. 
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