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Right now, my sweet Eliza loves matching games.  We play over and over and she usually wins!  So I decided to pick a few key parts of the Easter story and make an Easter Matching Quiz.  My hope is that as my family, and others, play this game that it will be fun while starting a conversation about the miracle of Christ's Atonement, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

There are two ways you can print and assemble your Easter Matching Quiz:

1 - Print out pages 1 and 2. Feed these pages through the printer again so the backside will be printed on.  Print page 3 twice to make the design on the backside of the cards.  Cut out eggs and play!

2 - Print out pages 1 and 2.  Cut out eggs and have your children (or DIY) decorate the backsides in a similar way on each egg.  Play!

If you want even more matches, you can trace the eggs and create your own questions and answers.  Even better would be to have your children come up with some pairs (be sure to kindly fix their questions/answers if they are incorrect).

I have a feeling we will be playing this Easter Matching Quiz all week....and then some.



Tag me on Instagram if you print and play!

I recommend printing on cardstock and laminating for yearly use.

Different printers will print colors differently.  Your eggs may be brighter or paler depending on your printer.  Either way they will be sweet Easter colors.
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